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Dordick Law Wins a $72.6 Million Verdict and a $42.85 Million Settlement

An assault and battery case tried by Christopher Bulone on behalf of a model, and her brother received a $72.6 million jury verdict on July 29, 2021. The plaintiffs suffered PTSD injuries following the attack. The case is Greene v. Driz et al. BC643450 tried in Los Angeles Superior Court in Downtown Los Angeles. 

The victims were innocent bystanders, intervening to help a TMZ photographer being beaten by the defendants, the fabulously wealthy owners of eleven different Blaze pizza franchises amongst various other lucrative businesses. The injuries were predominantly PTSD and the more than 72.6 million dollar verdict is thought to be by far the largest ever for invisible PTSD injuries. 

A second benchmark result came in Eric Murillo v. U-Haul. There the injury victim leapt from a burning and heavily smoking U-Haul truck onto the I-10 freeway below, impacting the back of his skull. He had rented the truck only about ten minutes earlier and drove just seven miles. The case was tried to a three judge AAA arbitration panel. 

The panel unanimously found that U-Haul was negligent in its inspections and maintenance of the truck and that the negligence caused a power steering fluid leak onto the hot exhaust manifold and led to the fire that forced Murillo to jump. Liability and comparative fault was bitterly contested. The panel found no comparative fault. 

Damages were also bitterly contested. After final closing arguments in that phase and during deliberations, a settlement of 42.75 million dollars was reached in October of 2021. All corporate defendants were held completely accountable.


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