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Elon Musk’s X Files to Dismiss Copyright Lawsuit From Music Publishers

X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has motioned to dismiss the lawsuit major music publishers filed against the company in June, accusing the platform of wide-scale copyright infringement.

In the motion, reviewed by Rolling Stone, X cited a 2005 supreme court ruling from MGM Studios v. Grokester and maintained that the suit should be tossed because the publishers “do not allege that X encouraged, induced, or intended to foster the infringement of Plaintiffs’ works,” further arguing that the music publishers “must allege that the defendant took active steps with the intent of encouraging infringement.”

“To the contrary, X’s anti-infringement policies and practices, including its DMCA policy, believe any reasonable assumption that X has induced its users to infringe any copyrights,” the company said in the motion. “Even reading the Complaint in the light most favorable to Plaintiffs, no liability can be established on the facts as pleaded.”

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