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Family in Florida Wins a $13.5 Million Settlement in an Adoption Case

The adoptive parents of a Jacksonville boy with special needs have been awarded $13.5 million in damages against Jewish Family and Community Services for negligence. They say an adoption agency failed to disclose facts related to the boy’s history during the adoption process, according to a release from a law firm representing the adoptive parents.

Despite knowledge that the adoptive parents had three daughters younger than five, the lawsuit alleged the Jewish Family and Community Services disclosed the minor’s only diagnoses had been Autism and ADHD, and that JFCS failed to disclose his full diagnoses, a Baker Act commitment, and a safety plan from a previous foster placement requiring that he never be placed in a room with younger children.

Jewish Family and Community Services says they are limited in what they can say as the legal case is ongoing, but their focus is on the child involved and the adoptive family.**

Read the source article at First Coast News

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