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Google Defeats a $217 Million Patent Infringement Case at Trial Over Mobile Technology

Google GOOGL.O on Wednesday convinced a Waco, Texas federal judge to reject patent infringement claims by Brazos Licensing and Development over tracking technology in the tech giant’s mobile apps, bringing a jury trial in the case to an abrupt end.

U.S. District Judge Alan Albright said that Google did not infringe the Brazos patent and ended the trial before it had completed, according to court staff and a Google representative. The patent, originally owned by Nokia NOKIA.HE, relates to delivering mobile services based on a device user’s location.

Brazos had requested $217 million in infringement damages, according to Google’s attorneys. Google spokesperson Jose Castaneda said the company was pleased with the decision and will “continue to create helpful products for consumers while developing technology independently and competing on the merits of our ideas.”

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