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Jewish Groups File a Lawsuit Against the University of California Over ‘Unchecked’ Antisemitism

A pair of Jewish organizations filed suit against the University of California (UC) system, the University of California, Berkeley, and school administrators on Tuesday over allegations of a “longstanding, unchecked spread of antisemitism” at the school.

The 37-page suit, filed Tuesday in the Northern District of California by the Louis D. Brandeis Center and the Jewish Americans For Fairness In Education (JAFE), claims antisemitism has been allowed to “take root and grow” at the UC Berkeley School of Law (Berkeley Law) for over a year.

The suit argues intervention is needed, especially in the wake of the militant group Hamas’ surprise incursion against Israel last month that killed over 1,200 people and sparked an ongoing conflict in Gaza. In the weeks that followed Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack, a surge in antisemitic incidents was reported in several parts of the U.S. and in Europe.

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