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Latino Civil Rights Group MALDEF Sues Credit Unions and Banks for Denying Loans to Eligible DACA Recipients

A national Latino legal and civil rights organization has been going after financial institutions for allegedly implementing policies that discriminate against eligible DACA recipients by denying them loans and other services based on their immigration status, according to 10 lawsuits filed over the past seven years.

The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, better known as MALDEF, filed its two most recent lawsuits last week.

“It’s a big problem,” Thomas Saenz, president and general counsel at MALDEF, said in an interview with NBC News on Thursday. In addition to the lawsuits they have already filed, MALDEF is investigating “at least half a dozen more” similar cases. “Every time we file one of these cases, we get contacted by people saying, ‘Hey, this happened to me at another bank or credit union.'”

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