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Lawsuit Filed Against J&J Alleges Band-Aids Contain Toxic Forever Chemicals

Johnson & Johnson faces a new proposed class action lawsuit that alleges the pharma giant’s ubiquitous Band-Aid products, unbeknownst to consumers, contain toxic “forever chemicals,” which can be harmful to humans even at very low levels.

The 34-page Johnson & Johnson lawsuit says that although millions of people use Band-Aids every day to treat cuts, scrapes and burns, consumers are unaware that the “#1 Doctor Recommended” products contain synthetic chemicals known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances—PFAS—which have been linked to liver damage, decreased fertility, thyroid disorders and various cancers, among other adverse health effects.

Forever chemicals earned that moniker due to their propensity to break down very slowly and build up in the human body and the environment over time, the suit relays. The filing emphasizes that there is no safe level of exposure to PFAS and no effective treatment to remove them from the body. Children may be more vulnerable to the effects of forever chemical exposure, as PFAS have been linked to lower antibody responses to some vaccines, the lawsuit adds.

Read the source article at ClassAction.org

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