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Lawsuit Partially Settled for $8 Million in Carbon Monoxide Deaths of a Washington State Couple

Whatcom County Superior Court Judge Robert E. Olson approved a settlement on April 19 between the two children of Murray Church and Gail Amundsen and three out of five defendants accused of negligence in the couple’s deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Amundsen, 61, and Church, 67, were found dead in their Point Roberts home on Thanksgiving Day evening in 2021. The two were asphyxiated when an improperly installed boiler blew off a vent fitting and released carbon monoxide into their newly constructed home. The pair were discovered by family friends who were asked to check on them after their children had been unable to make contact with them for several days.

Ferndale-based Andgar Mechanical and general contractor Optimum Contracting and Shoreline Electrical Services, both of Point Roberts, agreed to settle for $8 million in total.

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