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Maker of Viral Stanley Tumblers Sued Again Over Alleged Lead, Advertising

Pacific Market International LLC, the parent company behind the viral Stanley tumbler, was hit with another proposed class action alleging it negligently failed to disclose the presence of lead in its viral Adventure Quencher tumblers.

PMI promoted the cups as safe to use during strenuous outdoor activities while concealing the risk of lead exposure if the cups are dropped or damaged, the complaint filed Wednesday in the US District Court for the Western District of Washington alleges. Robin Krohn says she wouldn’t have paid as much for her Stanley cup if she had known the product contained any lead and seeks to represent a class of consumers who bought the tumblers after February 2019.

Stanley’s reusable 40 oz. metal cup has morphed into a status symbol and internet phenomenon as a result of ramped up social-media marketing geared towards women starting in 2020. On the brink of discontinuation rumors, a popular consumer product blog called The Buy Guide bought 10,000 cups wholesale and sold them within a week.

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