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Man Arrested at a Disney Resort Refused To Leave Because He Spent $15,000 on His Vacation

A man who was arrested after refusing a temperature screening at Disney Springs in Florida told authorities that he couldn’t be told to leave because he had spent $15,000 on his vacation.

The man, Kelly Sills, a tourist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, bypassed the Orlando attraction’s medical screening in February and refused to get his temperature checked when asked by Disney employees, according to a report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

Body camera video released recently showed Sills refusing to leave when asked by law enforcement. 

“I spent $15,000 to come here,” Sills said after a deputy told him that he was officially considered to be trespassing. Deputies and a security manager at Disney Springs had approached Sills outside the Boathouse restaurant, according to the police report.

Read the source article at NBC News

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