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Nike Sues 589 Websites and 676 Social Media Accounts Over Alleged Counterfeiting

Nike is suing 589 websites, the owners of 676 social media accounts, and more than 100 unidentified companies and individuals for allegedly selling counterfeit versions of its Nike and Converse shoes online.

Nike wrote in a lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Manhattan that its trademarks “are among the most widely recognized trademarks in the United States and around the world, as well as among the most popular with consumers. The fame and popularity of plaintiffs’ marks add enormous value to the authentic … Nike products and Converse products.”

“The defendants, who have no affiliation with Nike or Converse, have attempted to capitalize on the popularity of plaintiffs’ marks by manufacturing and marketing counterfeit products falsely labeled as ‘Nike’ or ‘Converse,’” the company wrote.

Nike alleged that the defendants represent at least 42 networks of counterfeiters that sell bootleg versions of the company’s wares. In addition to suing entities tied to those networks, Nike also sued more than 100 individuals and companies whose names it doesn’t know, referring to them only as “ABC Companies” and “John Does.”

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