Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine Storage Requirements Could be a Drawback

The world excitedly welcomed Pfizer’s news that its vaccine was found to be 90% effective against the novel coronavirus in clinical trials, but now the logistics of how to safely and successfully get it to the billions of people around the world must be figured out, including how to properly store it for shipping.

“The logistics of distributing the Pfizer vaccine, if proven to be safe and effective, will no doubt be a Herculean task,” Andrew Peterson, assistant professor of philosophy at George Mason University, told Fox News. “Beyond the challenge of physically transporting the vaccine by air and land to distribution centers across America and internationally, there are the additional obstacles of keeping the vaccine at sub-zero temperatures and monitoring deliveries for theft.”

The vaccine must be stored at temperatures of minus 70 degrees Celsius or below. Breaking the cold chain could render the vaccine useless. In countries with intense heat and in regions with spotty electricity, these requirements will prove problematic.

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