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Professor Sues Colleague, University in Sexual Assault Lawsuit

An assistant professor at St. Lawrence University is suing a fellow assistant professor, claiming she was drugged and raped at his house. The woman, identified as Jane Doe, is also suing the university, arguing it mishandled her sexual assault investigation.

According to the lawsuit filed in federal court last week, Jane Doe went to her male colleague’s house for what she expected to be dinner and a work session in April 2022. She alleges the assistant professor mixed her a cocktail she believes contained a date rape drug. After drinking it, she describes being “physically helpless like a rag doll and unable to formulate words.” She claims the man then raped her in an upstairs bedroom.

The lawsuit describes a power dynamic at play in which the male professor had a role in Jane Doe’s career advancement, including receiving tenure at St. Lawrence. It says the university encouraged her to collaborate with him as part of the tenure process.

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