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Psychologist Files a Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Northern Light Health for Sex Discrimination

BANGOR, Maine — A female psychologist at Northern Light Acadia Hospital filed a civil rights lawsuit against the hospital and Northern Light Health for unequal pay, sex discrimination, and unlawful retaliation. The complaint was filed in the Bangor federal district court Tuesday morning.

Dr. Clare Mundell, who has worked at Acadia Hospital for two years as a psychologist, discovered she had been paid less than her male colleagues. According to a release from Mundell’s attorneys, Mundell earned $50 an hour compared to the $90 and $95 an hour the men in her department made.

Mundell reportedly brought the discrepancy up with hospital management, but claims they refused to admit the pay inequality was connected to her gender, and instead said they would pay the men more than her for another three months to “ease their transition.”

Mundell is being represented by attorneys Valerie Wicks and Carol Garvan of the civil rights law firm Johnson, Webbert & Garvan, LLP, which has offices based in Portland and Augusta.

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