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SAG-AFTRA Hit With More Than 100 COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Lawsuits by Union Members

Hollywood’s vaccine mandates are gone, but as new legal actions filed today against SAG-AFTRA make clear, the battle over the Covid-19 protection is far from over.

Over 100 individual suits placed in the LA Superior Court docket Thursday claim the Guild threw members under corporate buses during the height of the pandemic, essentially linking arms with the studios to require vaccinations to work.

“While Defendants are Plaintiff’s Union representatives, SAG-AFTRA members had a right to expect that its Union would protect them, negotiate with the studios, producers and other hiring officials on their behalf to prevent prejudicial treatment for exerting their philosophical, religious, medical or disability-based reason for not taking the COVID-19 vaccine,” says stuntman and Guild member Dorian Kingi in his jury trial seeking filing today (read it here).

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