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Some of the Biggest Laws that Went into Effect on January 1st

With a new year comes new rules and regulations across the country.

State legislatures and local jurisdictions passed hundreds of bills last year on topics ranging from police reform and employment regulations to road safety and environmental protection.

Here are some of the biggest changes that went into effect on Jan 1.

Criminal justice reform

Following George Floyd’s death at the hands of police officers, elected officials across the country pushed ahead with bills designed to curb racial profiling, reduce violent conflicts between officers and civilians, and improve transparency among police precincts.

A new law in California bans police officers from wearing uniforms that have camouflage or otherwise resemble military uniforms.

All uniformed officers in Connecticut are now required to wear their badges in a prominent place. The state’s officers must also undergo a mental health screening once every five years.

In Portland, private businesses are now banned from using facial recognition technology “in places of public accommodation.”

Some states have implemented laws that reduce punishments for nonviolent offenses and provide alternatives to prison.

Following the passage of Proposition 17 during the November election, former felons on parole will be allowed to vote in California.

Four states — Montana, New Jersey, Arizona, and South Dakota — are slated to introduce legalized recreational marijuana for adults this year, following ballot measures approved in November.

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