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Vanderbilt University Faces a Discrimination Lawsuit From a Transgender Navy Veteran

A transgender woman is suing Vanderbilt University saying she was ridiculed after transitioning from male to female. The lawsuit alleges longtime employee Olivia Hill was victim to vulgar abuse and ridicule after her transition surgery. Hill has worked for 25 years at the Vanderbilt University Power Plant.

“I knew how things were going to possibly be, but I really had hoped that people would be genuine,” Hill said. “I mean these are people that were friends of mine.”

Hill is represented by well-known civil rights attorney Abby Rubenfeld, who claims Vanderbilt demonstrated ‘stunning hypocrisy’ by violating its own policies of support for LGBT employees. “Vanderbilt is supposedly a great school in terms of their non-discrimination policies,” Rubenfeld said. “They talk the talk, and we want them to walk the walk as well.”

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