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Wynn Resorts Agrees To Pay $5.6M of the $50M Illegal Tip-Sharing Practices Settlement

The proposed settlement may bring to an end a decade and a half of controversy surrounding former CEO Steve Wynn’s illegal decision that casino dealers should share tips with pit bosses and other supervisors.

As much as $50million in dealer tips are reported to have been lost since Wynn replaced supervisory roles with generic “casino service team leads” titles.

Under this definition, Wynn claimed the new roles were eligible for a share of pool tips as they have no direct influence over certain aspects of dealer work, such as work rotas and pay. Wynn Resorts Inc. however are the only strip casino owners in Vegas to use such role terminology and differences.

However, the dealers’ union, the UAW Local 3555 Gaming Union argued in two lawsuits from 2013 and 2018, that this merely masked the fact that they were indeed supervisors.

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