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$6.7 Million Verdict Against Lube Management for Negligence After Driver Causes Permanent Damage to Victim’s Spine

Plaintiffs alleged both negligence and negligent employment. They alleged that the defendant corporation, Lube Management, didn’t follow its driver authorization policies or its drug testing policies. Lube Management put an unauthorized driver on the road. Circumstantial evidence suggested that the driver was impaired and regularly used drugs. The Lube Management driver crossed over two lanes of traffic and sideswiped the Plaintiff. The Plaintiff suffered permanent ligament damage to his spine. The main injuries were spinal instabilities in the upper neck, neck, and low back. The jury found that Lube Management negligently employed its driver and its negligence caused Plaintiffs’ injuries. The jury did not find that punitive damages were appropriate against the Lube Management driver. However, the jury did find that Lube Management manifested a knowing and reckless indifference toward, and a disregard of, the rights of others because in the way that it supervised and trained its driver.

Alyssa Wood of Steele Adams Hosman represented the client that resulted in a $6.7 million verdict.

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