A Group of Scientists Are Calling For a New Investigation Into the Origins of the Coronavirus

A group of international scientists called for a new investigation into the origins of COVID-19 on Wednesday after China and the World Health Organization (WHO) released a scrutinized report last week concluding the virus most likely came from wildlife instead of a laboratory. 

Twenty-four scientists from Europe, the U.S., Australia, and Japan issued an open letter, which was obtained by The New York Times, that analyzed steps to complete a more comprehensive investigation. 

“Calling for a full investigation into the origins of the pandemic by the best available means is not intended to point fingers at any one country,” their letter reads. “Its purpose is to leave no stone unturned in seeking to understand how this catastrophe began so we can prioritize efforts to address our greatest shortcomings for the benefit of all people and all nations.”

Read the source article at The Hill

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