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A Vet Clinic Is Being Sued for Alleged Pregnancy and Gender Discrimination

Earlier this year, Carly Suchecki, a veterinary technician in Howell Township, filed a lawsuit alleging she was subjected to “gender-based discrimination surrounding her pregnancy before she was ultimately fired from her position.” The suit was filed back in May against the owner of Howell Animal Hospital LLC, Mahmoud Hussein, and Diane Masera, the office manager for the clinic.

According to the suit, Suchecki began working at the animal clinic in 2017 as a consultant. She was later promoted and enjoyed her work. Then she got pregnant in 2020, and when she informed her boss, her hours were cut. The suit states:

“When … Hussein made the transparently discriminatory decision to cut [Suchecki’s] hours and ultimately terminate her from her role as a veterinary technician with Defendant Howell Animal Hospital after disclosing her pregnancy, he doubled down on his bigoted paternalism, stating ‘let her go have her baby and see how she can manage motherhood and a full-time job.’”

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