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The ‘Flintstones House’ Owner Settles With a San Francisco Suburb Over Statues

A vibrantly colored house bedecked with Flintstone characters will be allowed to keep its 1960s-cartoon themed sculptures after its owner settled a lawsuit with a San Francisco suburb.

The house’s owner, Florence Fang, settled a lawsuit with the town of Hillsborough in April to allow her dinosaur pieces to stay on her property, according to The Palo Alto Daily Post. 

The city sued Fang in 2019 after town officials noticed that she had added work to her property, including Flintstone character pieces, a staircase, a deck, and a “Yabba Dabba Doo” sign, among other features. According to documents filed in the 2019 lawsuit, town officials claimed that she should have sought permission from the planning department because it included over 10,000 square feet on her property, the news outlet reported.

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