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Airbnb Acquires an AI Startup in Deal Valued at Just Under $200 Million

Airbnb has made its first acquisition as a public company, in a deal valued at just under $200 million, sources familiar with the deal told CNBC.

The startup is called Gameplanner.AI, which has been in “stealth mode” since its founding in 2020. Startups in stealth mode operate out of the public eye for various reasons, such as to protect intellectual property or avoid distractions. Gameplanner.AI will accelerate some of Airbnb’s AI projects, according to Airbnb.

Gameplanner.AI was cofounded by Adam Cheyer, one of the founders of Siri. When Siri was acquired by Apple, he worked alongside Steve Jobs. Cheyer later co-founded Viv Labs, which would become the foundation for Samsung’s voice assistant.

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