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Amazon Employees Allege Retaliation in a Pay Gap Discrimination Lawsuit

Amazon.com Inc. allegedly retaliated against three female employees — including firing one and placing another on a performance plan — after they sued the company for discrimination, the plaintiffs said in new court papers.

In an amended complaint filed Friday, Caroline Wilmuth, Katherine Schomer and Erin Combs alleged Amazon has “continued to discriminate and retaliate against” them since the original lawsuit was filed in November. Wilmuth has been terminated, Schomer was put on a performance plan, and Combs has resigned. They all belonged to the company’s communications and public relations group and focused on research and corporate reputation issues.

“All three of us started raising these concerns — really thinking that this was a solvable problem, both on the pay front and the treatment front,” Combs said in an interview. “I don’t think that any of us really expected it to take this turn. We really went in thinking we can find a resolution here, but Amazon just clearly hasn’t been willing.”

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