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Bristol Myers and AstraZeneca Agree to Settle Cancer Immunotherapy Patent Lawsuits for $510 Million

Bristol Myers Squibb and AstraZeneca have quickly resolved patent infringement lawsuits around their blockbuster cancer immunotherapies.

A federal judge in Delaware has approved the two companies’ joint stipulations to dismiss three separate lawsuits. In the suits, BMS accused AstraZeneca of encroaching on patents covering its PD-1 inhibitor Opdivo and CTLA-4 agent Yervoy.

In a statement to Fierce Pharma, an AstraZeneca spokesperson confirmed that the company has taken a provision of $510 million to resolve all patent disputes with BMS and its partner Ono Pharmaceutical over PD-L1 inhibitor Imfinzi and CTLA-4 antibody Imjudo. The British pharma has baked the one-time charge into its second-quarter financials.

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