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City of Marysville, Washington and a Wastewater Contractor to Pay $9.8M in Death of Immigrant Worker

A wastewater contractor and a machine operator company in Marysville agreed to pay a combined $9.8 million to the mother of a Russian immigrant worker who died after falling into a draining machine in 2020.

On Aug. 13, 2020, the Canadian wastewater contractor American Process Group, Inc., hired Sergey Devyatkin, 54, to work as a technician at Marysville Biosolids Removal and Remediation Project, according to a 2021 lawsuit filed in Pierce County Superior Court. He immediately began work on the night shift.

Management instructed Devyatkin to clean a dual augur screening unit used to drain wastewater from the city’s sewage settlement pond at 80 Columbia Ave.

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