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Class-Action Lawsuit Claims Amazon’s Best Selling Mattress Is a Health Hazard

One of Amazon’s bestselling products is a health hazard, alleges a proposed class-action lawsuit against Zinus, the maker of a popular and inexpensive “Green Tea Mattress” sold by retailers nationwide. 

A California woman is leading the proposed class-action suit — one of multiple lawsuits being levied against the company — representing several thousand people across the country who claim to have suffered health troubles from flame-resistant fiberglass fibers released from the product. 

The suit, filed in Sacramento in July, alleges the South Korean company’s mattresses have taken a toll on multiple customers. Vanessa Gutierrez told the Los Angeles Times that the Zinus mattress she bought for her daughter on Amazon for $400 wound up costing her nearly $20,000 in damages, including medical bills. 

Read the source article at CBS News

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