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Convicted Killer Confesses to Murder 36 Years Later

A man convicted of killing his 14-year-old Pleasanton classmate wrote a confession letter to the girls’ family— 36 years after her death.

Steve Carlson was convicted in 2014 of killing Foothill High School freshman Tina Faelz as she walked home from school in April 1984. Carlson, 52, was supposed to have a parole hearing two weeks ago but asked that it be canceled, according to Alameda County District Attorney prosecutor Jill Klinge. His next hearing won’t be for another three years.

Klinge asked that Carlson’s confession letters be released to her, to give to the family. Called “remorse letters” the family wanted a sense of closure, as he’s never admitted to the killing. In the handwritten letters, made available to the San Francisco Chronicle, Carlson confesses to the killing. He was 16 at the time of the killing, and was tried as an adult in the case.

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