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Disney Fights a Copyright Allegation Over ‘Inside Out’

A copyright lawsuit against Disney is moving forward in a Canadian court after a Sheridan College graduate claimed Disney stole his idea for Inside Out, an animated blockbuster that grossed more than $850 million worldwide.

As reported by the National Post, Damon Pourshian is suing Disney over copyright infringement in an Ontario court, claiming Disney and its animation studio copied his student film, also titled Inside Out, to create its animated blockbuster. The similarities, according to Pourshian, “extend from the title to overarching themes, to minute and specific details — none of which can be the result of coincidence.” In the lawsuit, Pourshian asked the Canadian court to declare that he owns the copyright to his student film, the film’s screenplay and its live production and that the defendants (the Walt Disney Company and others) infringed his copyright through the creation of the blockbuster. The lawsuit demands an injunction, financial damages and that Pourshian’s name is added to the movie’s credits.

On July 12, Divisional Court Justice Lise Favreau ruled that Pourshian’s case can move forward despite Disney’s initial argument that Ontario had no jurisdiction over the majority of the named defendants. The justice ordered the defendants to pay Pourshian $25,000 in legal costs as well.

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