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GM and PG&E Partner For a Bi-Directional Charging Pilot Project

Ever since the modern electric vehicle era kicked off in the mid-2000s, one of the holy grails that automakers and utilities have been aiming for is bi-directional charging or the ability to pull electricity out of an EV battery when needed. So far, applications have been very limited in part because of a lack of standards which are still evolving, but progress is being made. The latest example is a new pilot project between General Motors GM -6.1% and California utility PG&E.

It makes sense that PG&E would be anxious to deploy bidirectional charging since its service area across much of northern California includes the highest concentration of electric vehicles in the U.S. PG&E has also become somewhat notorious in recent years for having frequent rolling blackouts during some of the hottest summers on record.

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