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James Scott Farrin Reopens Camp Lejeune Contamination Case, and Joins Bell Legal Group

In a recent press conference, James Scott Farrin confirmed: “he has joined Bell Legal Group to fight against Camp Lejeune Contamination held in North Carolina.”

Between 1953 and 1987, over half a million military personnel, workers, trainees, and family members were exposed to highly contaminated drinking water. Reportedly, the waters supply was infected with toxic levels of “Trichloroethylene (TCE), Perchloroethylene (PCE), Benzene, Toluene and Vinyl chloride” unfit for a human to consume and may have resulted in leukemia and blood-based cancers. It may have even led to massive health issues across Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base in North Carolina.

“Back then, all military personnel was denied seeking justice against the damage caused,” says James Scott Farrin, founder of The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin. He also added, “Ed Bell is the one who fought and helped open the doors for the new law.” So, we decided to reopen the Camp Lejeune Contamination case and leave no victims behind.

Farrin’s firm, “The office of James Scott Farrin,” has led to the most significant case in civil rights history. James Scott Farrin represented black farmers against racial discrimination by the Ministry of Agricultural, which gave him a fair chance to represent victims against Camp Lejeune Contamination case and the government. Our team worked out about 100,000 potential claimants within 180 days and obtained a $1.25 billion government settlement for Black farmers. This gives us a fair hope to represent victims against Camp Lejeune Contamination case and the government.

James Scott Farrin is now partnered with South Carolina’s Bell Legal Group, a personal injury firm established in 1983 specializing in complex trial litigation. Now that we are working together, it gives us immense opportunity to help victims file the due claim they deserve legally. Trained professionals back up their team, and we share a similar aim to help the needy with their claimants.

“The Camp Lejeune case might have logistical or legal challenges, but our collaborative efforts give us added confidence to fight for the rights of Camp Lejeune victims,” says James Scott Farrin.

The Law Work environments of James Scott Farrin is one of the most significant individual injury firms in North Carolina and has helped in excess of 55,000 hurt people starting around 1997. Working from 16 work environments in NC and one in SC, countless of the organization’s 60+ accomplished legal advisors have been seen as specialists in their fields. The firm bright lights on offering quality genuine sorts of help to anyway numerous people as could be permitted in the going with training locales: personal injury, minor accidents, workers’ compensation, nursing home abuse, whistleblowing, bad things, conspicuous space, mass wrongdoings, class exercises, and Government-upheld retirement Impairment.

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