ND Candidate Who Died from COVID-19 in October Wins Election

(CNN)David Andahl, a North Dakota businessman and rancher, died October 5 after a battle with Covid-19. And about a month later, he appears to have been elected to the state House.

The Republican candidate is projected to win one of two seats from among four candidates in the race for North Dakota’s 8th district. He received about 35.53% of the total votes, according to unofficial results from the state. Fellow GOP candidate Dave Nehring is projected to win the other seat, with about 40.72% of the vote.
Andahl’s death in October had prompted questions about what would happen were he to win the election in November. North Dakota’s attorney general issued an opinion stating that the situation would be treated just as an official’s decision to step down or retire, meaning that the district’s Republican Party would appoint a representative to fill his vacant seat.

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