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Nickelback Responds to a ‘Rockstar’ Copyright Lawsuit

NICKELBACK has fired back at a Texas singer over a copyright lawsuit claiming the rock band ripped off its 2005 hit song “Rockstar” from an earlier track called “Rock Star”.

Kirk Johnston filed a lawsuit against NICKELBACK members Chad Kroeger, Michael Kroeger, Ryan Peake and Daniel Adair, as well as the band’s former record label Roadrunner Records and Warner Chappell Music, Inc. and Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. alleging that the NICKELBACK copied his original musical composition, “Rock Star”, which he wrote in 2001 while a member of the band SNOWBLIND REVIVAL.

In August 2001, SNOWBLIND REVIVAL created a master recording of “Rock Star”, along with three other original songs. The band made 15 copies of the master recording and sent them to several record labels, including Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group, of which Roadrunner Records, Inc. and Warner Chappell Music, Inc. are wholly owned indirect subsidiaries. Johnston alleges that NICKELBACK had direct access to Johnston’s musical composition “Rock Star” as a result of SNOWBLIND REVIVAL’s marketing efforts.

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