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Nintendo Takes Down Another Pirating Site

Japanese video game company Nintendo recently requested a permanent injunction against Matthew Storman, owner of the now-defunct Nintendo pirating website RomUniverse, which orders him to destroy the site’s games by Aug. 17. The injunction follows after Nintendo successfully sued Storman for massive online copyright infringement this past May. This is far from the first instance of harsh legal action Nintendo has taken to preserve and protect its intellectual property.

The lawsuit against RomUniverse and Storman, who defended himself in trial, began in September 2019. Several months later, Nintendo was ultimately awarded $2.1 million in damages. When it was up and running, RomUniverse sold and hosted pirated copies of Nintendo titles – but it also charged users for access to unlimited file downloads and uncap accounts. As a result, Nintendo originally sought $15 million in lost sales by applying $90,000 for each of the 49 games found on the site. However, the smaller sum might be attributed to Storman never actually uploading any of the ROMs himself and just hosting the pirated titles on his website.

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