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Oregon Sued for Discrimination After COVID-19 Relief Funds Went to Black-Owned Businesses

Oregon’s COVID-19 relief fund that earmarked millions for black residents and business owners has been halted due to lawsuits led by one Mexican-American and two white business owners who allege racial discrimination.

The state of Oregon had set aside $62milion of its $1.4billion federal pandemic relief money to help its black business owners, community organizers, and residents going through hardship after data suggested coronavirus disproportionately infected and killed black people.

However, the remaining $8.8million is on hold as the relief fund faces legal challenges – and the litigation could take years.

The first lawsuit came from the white owner of the logging company Great Northern Resources, which is based in the city of John Day.

It was later joined by Walter Leja, the 62-year-old white owner of Dynamic Service Fire and Security, a small electrical services company in Salem.

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