Pfizer’s Coronavirus Vaccine Likely to Work Against Rapidly-Spreading Variants

A new study offers some reassurance that Pfizer and BionTech’s COVID-19 vaccine is likely to protect patients against two new variants of the COVID-19 virus: one now circulating rapidly in the U.K. and the other in South Africa.

Now, in a study that has not yet been peer-reviewed, researchers from Pfizer and the University of Texas Medical Branch have found that the vaccine seems to work against one of the mutations that make the U.K. and South African variants distinct.

Both new variants — the result of random copying errors in the virus’s genetic code — appear to be easier to transmit, but not more deadly. Working in a laboratory, researchers modified a version of the coronavirus to include a specific copying error that’s believed to make the U.K. and South African variants more contagious.

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