U.S. Marks its Deadliest Day as Experts Request Expanding COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

The United States reported 3,865 Covid-19 deaths on Wednesday, the highest number of deaths reported in a single day since the pandemic began.

The nation’s death toll as of Thursday stands at more than 364,600, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, while the number of people who have been infected has topped more than 21.53 million.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s most recent forecast projected there will be between 405,000 and 438,000 deaths by the end of the month. The previous forecast, published December 30, projected up to 424,000 deaths by January 23.

The ongoing spread of the virus and the climbing number of deaths comes even as the US is working to distribute vital Covid-19 vaccines — a process that has been criticized for being too slow.

US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said Thursday that states able to vaccinate beyond phase 1a recommendations — which include health care workers and residents of long-term care facilities — should do so.

“States not only can but SHOULD aggressively expand vaccinations to other phases if current supply exceeds demand in phase 1a,” the surgeon general said on Twitter.

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