President Biden Says 90% of Adults Should Be Eligible for a COVID-19 Vaccine Shot By April 19th

President Joe Biden said 90% of adults in the U.S. will be eligible for Covid-19 shots by April 19 and will be able to get them within five miles of their home under an expanded vaccination plan he announced Monday.

Roughly 40,000 pharmacies will distribute the vaccine, up from 17,000, Biden said, and the U.S. is setting up a dozen more mass vaccination sites by April 19.

“For the vast, vast majority of adults, you won’t have to wait until May 1. You’ll be eligible for your shot on April 19,” Biden said during a press conference on the government’s Covid-19 response and vaccination efforts around the country.

A few weeks ago, Biden called on states, tribes, and territories to make all U.S. adults eligible for vaccination no later than May 1. To date, 31 states have said they will open up eligibility to all adults by April 19, according to the White House.

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