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Sony Sues After Insisting its PlayStation Doesn’t Infringe Any Patents

On Friday in the Northern District of California, plaintiffs Sony Corporation, Sony Electronics Inc., and Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC  filed a redacted complaint for declaratory judgment of patent noninfringement regarding the asserted patents of defendants Rovi Guides, Inc.; Rovi Technologies Corporation; and TiVo Solutions, Inc., who are digital entertainment companies that, among other things, provide TiVo a digital video recorder.

According to the complaint, Rovi Guides is a subsidiary of Rovi Technologies, which is a subsidiary of TiVo. Previously, Sony and the defendants engaged in various patent license negotiations. According to the complaint, in December 2015, Sony and Rovi “executed a Worldwide Patent License Agreement” and in 2017, the parties began discussing a renewed license, which SONY noted ultimately led to an amendment of the 2015 license in September 2017, entitled “SONY Amendment One to Worldwide Patent License Agreement.”

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