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The Biden Administration Is Planning Sanctions Against the Authoritarian Regime in Belarus

A top American diplomat told Congress on Wednesday that the Biden administration plans to impose additional sanctions on the authoritarian regime in Belarus — a significant step as lawmakers agitate for tougher punishments against a top ally of Vladimir Putin.

The U.S. effort comes amid rising tensions between Minsk and the West over Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko’s brutal crackdown on pro-democracy activists and a free press, part of his scramble to cling to power despite having lost last year’s presidential election. Just last month, the Lukashenko regime sparked international criticism after forcing a commercial airliner to land in Belarus’ capital city to arrest a key opposition figure and journalist who was on board.

President Joe Biden’s administration is readying a harsh response to Lukashenko. Julie Fisher, the U.S. ambassador-designate to Belarus, told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday that the White House is “working hard on a new executive order” that will “raise the costs of the violence and the repression that the regime is inflicting.”

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