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The NFL Intends to File Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit Filed by Ex-Reporter Jim Trotter

The NFL has responded to the lawsuit filed in September by former NFL Media reporter Jim Trotter.

In a four-page letter sent Friday to U.S. District Court Judge Paul Crotty, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch explains that the NFL intends to file a motion to dismiss Trotter’s case. The letter also provides a glimpse into the league’s overall position regarding the termination of Trotter’s employment.

“In March 2020, after an initial two-year contract, the NFL renewed Plaintiff’s contract for another three years,” Lynch writes. “In March 2023, Plaintiff’s contract expired and, as part of a broader cost-cutting measure and strategic shift away from traditional broadcast journalism and towards interactive media, the NFL made the decision not to renew the contracts of several reporters, including Plaintiff. That reasoning was communicated to Plaintiff and is well documented.”

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