The Texas Supreme Court Sides With the Governor On Mask Mandates

The Texas Supreme Court on Sunday sided with Gov. Greg Abbott by issuing temporary stay orders on the subject of mask mandates in public schools.

The orders were in cases from Dallas County and Bexar County, where San Antonio is located. Both counties had tried to defy an executive order from Abbott by mandating masks for children in their schools. Other counties in Texas have also attempted to implement mandates in defiance of Abbott.

The temporary orders stop the two counties from imposing those requirements until the courts can sort the matter out.

Texas, like much of the country, has been roiled by debates on whether schools or school districts can require students to wear masks as a way to combat the spread of Covid-19 in the classroom. In May, Abbott issued an executive order banning any government entity in the state from requiring masks for its residents, including school districts. Despite the surge of Covid cases in recent weeks, Abbott has remained adamant that mandates should not be imposed.

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