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Trump Wins Last Remaining Delegate Out of New Hampshire

Former President Donald Trump has won the last remaining unresolved delegate from New Hampshire, giving him a 13-9 delegate advantage in the Granite State over former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley.

The Associated Press allocated the final delegate based on the latest vote results from the Jan. 23 primary in accordance with the state’s unusual rules regarding the allocation of Republican delegates.

Unlike in the Democratic presidential primaries, where all states follow a mostly uniform delegate allocation procedure, Republican delegate rules vary state by state. In New Hampshire, 22 Republican delegates are awarded to candidates in proportion to statewide primary results. For example, a candidate who receives 50% of the primary vote will receive 50% of the delegates at stake, or in this case, 11 delegates. The rules also state that a candidate must receive at least 10% of the primary vote in order to qualify for any delegates.

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