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Ukraine Aid in Limbo as Congress Starts a Two-Week Recess

Congress’ two-week recess kicked off Monday after lawmakers resolved the government funding drama that had stretched on for months. But the fate of U.S. aid to Ukraine, which is running low on ammunition in its war with Russia, remains unsettled.

Though the Senate last month approved a supplemental funding package that includes aid to Ukraine, along with other U.S. allies, Speaker Mike Johnson had refused to bring up the legislation for a vote in the lower chamber, saying that the House would find its own path forward.

But as the government funding fight came to a close last week, Johnson said that the House’s attention would turn to supplemental issues after a shutdown threat had been averted, saying that the conference is exploring “a number of avenues” to address the aid. Then on Sunday, Rep. Michael McCaul, a Texas Republican who leads the House Foreign Affairs Committee said Johnson had committed to putting Ukraine aid on the House floor after Easter.

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