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White House Hesitates on Congress’ Bipartisan Bid to Overtake Taiwan and U.S. Relations

Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan is over, but the Biden administration still has congressional temperatures to cool when it comes to U.S. policy toward the self-governing island.

After warning Pelosi that her travel plans could provoke China — only to see the speaker make the trip anyway and lawmakers in both parties cheer her on — the Biden administration is now trying to make changes to a bipartisan bill that would overhaul longstanding U.S.-Taiwan policy in favor of a more aggressive posture.

The legislation, dubbed the Taiwan Policy Act, is aimed at bolstering Taiwan’s defensive capabilities and deepening U.S. ties to the island. It reflects a bipartisan push for a different approach when it comes to China’s increasingly belligerent behavior, highlighted by the similarly cross-aisle praise for Pelosi’s historic visit to Taiwan last week.

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