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$44 Million Awarded in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit of an Illinois State University Graduate Killed While Driving for Lyft

The family of an Illinois State University graduate has been awarded more than $44 million related to the 2022 killing of a rideshare driver in Urbana.

Tyjohn Williams, 18, of Champaign is accused of entering Kristian Philpotts’ Lyft vehicle and shooting Philpotts in the back.

Philpotts’ family filed a wrongful death suit against Lyft, Williams and Williams’ mother Tia Williams, citing the Parental Responsibility Law. Williams was a minor at the time of the alleged murder. On April 12, County Judge Benjamin Dyer ruled in favor of the family, assigning $44,724,193 in damages to Tyjohn and Tia Williams.

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