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ABC Stores and Mulvadi Agree to Pay a $19.8 Million Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

ABC Stores and Mulvadi agreed to pay a combined total of more than $19.7 million to resolve claims that they misrepresented their coffee products as originating from the Kona region, allegedly harming genuine Kona coffee farmers.

The settlement benefits individuals and entities who farmed Kona coffee in the Kona District and sold their Kona coffee between Feb. 27, 2015, and April 25, 2023.

According to the class action lawsuit, numerous retailers and coffee companies have intentionally marketed their coffee products as “Kona” coffee in order to capitalize on the reputation of the region’s high-quality coffee beans. In reality, these products allegedly do not contain Kona-region coffee beans and only serve to harm the reputation of the region’s farmers.

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