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ABM Janitorial Services Faces a Discrimination Complaint From the U.S. Department of Labor

The U.S. Department of Labor filed an administrative complaint against ABM Janitorial Services following a compliance evaluation that alleged systemic racial discrimination against Black and a smaller number of white applicants for cleaning positions at their Baltimore and Alexandria locations, according to officials.

“No one should be denied an opportunity to work based on race. The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs will vigorously enforce the law to ensure that companies doing business with the federal government meet their equal employment opportunity obligations,” said Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs Director Jenny R. Yang.

The complaint, filed on Sept 15., alleges that from at least 2015 until the present day, ABM Janitorial Services has discriminated against Black workers for cleaning positions at all three facilities and white workers at one of the facilities. Additionally, the complaint alleges that the ABM failed to document hiring decisions properly — masking its discriminatory hiring practices.

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