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Amazon Employee Files Racial and Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Company

Denard Norton, a Black Amazon warehouse employee, has filed a lawsuit alleging he was “passed up for a promotion and his immediate supervisors at the East Windsor facility where he worked used a racist remark to describe him,” according to court documents.  Norton filed the suit against Amazon and his white supervisors, David Fritz and Jonathan Biggs, last month.

The lawsuit contends Zouhair Bennani, a co-worker of Norton’s of Middle Eastern descent, was promoted to a manager position “even after he was formally reported to corporate for saying the n-word around Norton.”  Norton said he tried reporting the issue to Amazon’s ethics hotline, but of the more than “30 complaints he filed, 22 were deleted from Amazon’s employee portal.”

The lawsuit includes a dozen complaints made this year, including two complaints filed in August concerning racial discrimination.  Days later, he overheard Bennani say “All these n—— are the same” and filed another complaint.

Norton claimed Biggs “denied him vacation time the following month without explanation even though he followed the correct procedure to request time off.”  In the beginning of October, “Norton submitted another complaint claiming he overheard Biggs call him the n-word.”

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