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Amazon Hit With Lawsuit by Three Employees Who Allege ‘Chronic’ Pay Inequity, Gender Discrimination

Three Amazon staffers sued their employer on Monday alleging gender discrimination and accusing the company of retaliation after they complained of “chronic pay inequity issues.”

Caroline Wilmuth, Katherine Schomer and Erin Combs, who work in various roles within Amazon’s corporate research and strategy division, alleged the company assigns female staffers lower job titles for the same roles that are held by men with higher titles and larger salaries. The company then “regularly fails” to promote women, “resulting in the performance of similar work as men in higher job codes for less compensation.”

Starting in late 2021, the three women raised these concerns to their managers and Amazon’s Human Resources Department, which triggered an investigation into whether the employees were being misclassified due to their gender. Wilmuth said that of the four researchers on her team, three female employees were classified in lower-paid job categories, while the only male researcher was classified in a higher-paid, higher-level role. The male researcher made “approximately 150% of Schomer’s salary,” the complaint said.

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